what is Ozom?

OZOM is the next step on home automation. Discover this amazing system of smart products that you can control through your smartphone, tablet or computer, all thanks to the user friendly Ozom App. Welcome to the home automation world and learn how to make your life more OZOM!

how does ozom work?

Firstly you need fixed internet in your home with a minimum of 2MB of upload. For the Ozom system to work you must acquire Ozom Box, the brain that allows connecting all our products and which can be controlled by our Ozom for Android and IOS.


Imagine being kilometers away and you cannot remember if you left the entrance light on or if you locked the front door. Ozom brings you closer to your home wherever you are, it allows you to control it at a distance and in real time

Get YOUR ozomBOX

Once you have your Ozom Box, look for our products in Sodimac Stores or in www.sodimac.com

Create an account

Once you install your Ozom Box, download the Ozom application and create an account.


If you have questions, you can contact us by means of client services, our call center or our support videos in our Youtube channel.
We will be happy to help you!

Control your home from anywhere

Control your home from distance